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State of the Art Equipment

In addition to our experience, ability to listen, friendly nature, fast service and great prices — we have the technology to give you the best possible look.

We’ve tackled a seldom-discussed digital printing problem: Fold CRACKING!

A limitation of digital printing has always been the tendency for large solids or background images to “crack” at the fold, especially in areas of heavy coverage. When the piece is folded, it has been nearly impossible to prevent cracking, using traditional folding methods.

Diablo Digital Printing is proud to announce our new “Non-Cracking” technique in the scoring and folding of digitally printed pieces. This allows you to enjoy design options that you might not have attempted previously with digital printing. We have invested in equipment that virtually solves the cracking problem. This process makes us a very different printer from other firms, and our process comes to you at no increase in our already-great rates.

Now, when you want that brochure or other folded printing to look its very best, Diablo Digital Printing is the name to remember.