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Price Examples* 1. 35¢ for upgraded 80# 8.5 x 11″ dull text 2. 45¢ for upgraded 100# 8.5 x 11″ cover wt.
*Above pricing is for printing 1-side. Printing the second side adds 5 cents less than the 1-side price. (Example 1: 35¢ plus 30¢ = 65¢ for both sides.)

Printing for real estate professionals used to be a complicated and time consuming process, where there were lots of compromises. For the person wanting a full-color professional look, printer prices were high because of the process – and the large quantities required. The technical aspects were difficult, too. Turn-around time was another problem, making you wait and wait for your materials.

We’ve changed all that. We are a different sort of print shop! You get ink-stable, no-smear printing that looks just like the “big guys” at affordable prices for just the amount you need. No more printing 1000 flyers when 250 will do. We are masters at short-run printing, and fast turn-around is our norm. And, for larger quantities, we provide conventional printing of the highest quality, as well.

And now for folded materials, we deliver the best of looks, with no cracking at the folds.

You’ll have a hard time finding another digital printer in town that can provide our kind of quality, at no extra charge.